May 262012
This entry is part 11 of 11 in the series Multibootable DVD Tutorial

Now that we have done all the required settings, it is time to write the files on to a disk or create an ISO file if you are planning to write on DVD later


Lets Get Started :-

Tutorial Difficulty level:- Easy
Things Required :-

1)  You should have completed all the parts of this tutorial before i.e. from Part 1 to Part 5-1

You can follow this video too :-


download all the videos of this tutorial series (45 MB)


Steps to follow :-

Open “cdmenu” file located within the directory “ezboot” in “disk1″. The default location of the file would be “C:Easybootdisk1ezbootcdmenu.ezb”. It should open up in easyboot.

Open cdmenu file with easyboot


In the “File” tab of “Easyboot” window you will see many buttons on the right side. Click on “Burn CD” if you can’t wait and would like to burn the files directly on DVD.

But it is recommended to click on “Make ISO” button to make an ISO file that can be written on a DVD latter .


Click "Make ISO"


After clicking on “Make ISO” a “Make ISO” input windows should open as shown below. At the bottom you will see the location where your ISO file will be saved at which should be “C:Easybootiso” by default. Make sure that the drive in which the ISO file is being saved has enough space available (about 5 GB of free space), in the example below the drive is C drive.
Click “Make” button when your are ready and a box showing “Progress” should open.

Note: It will take some time for the creation of ISO depending on your computers performance. If you wish you can have your “Cup of tea/coffee” :)


ISO file location


After the ISO file creation is over it is time to check if the ISO file was created by open the file location we saw before in “step 3″ that is “C:Easybootiso” as shown in the image below. The ISO file was created properly.


Checking ISO file !


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